How Long Do Deep Cycle Batteries Last?

How long a deep cycle battery will last heavily depends on two main factors:

  1. The way in which the battery is used.
  2. How well the battery is maintained.

Here are approximate guidelines for how long you can expect a battery to last if deep cycled:

  • Marine battery: one to six years.
  • AGM deep cycle: four to seven years.
  • Starting battery: three to thirteen months.
  • Deep cycle with Gel Cell: two to five years.
  • Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle: four to eight years.

Keep in mind that both over and undercharging will adversely effect the lifespan of a deep cycle battery, especially when you use a battery in a deep cycle application for which the battery was not designed. For example, using a marine battery as a deep cycle battery will greatly impact the lifespan of the battery.

Keeping your deep cycle battery well-maintained will ensure that you get max value from them. This entails:

  • Keeping the battery watered to the correct level.
  • Preventing the battery from discharging more than half of their total capacity.
  • Making sure appropriate charging systems are in place.
  • If a battery won’t be used for a while, make sure the battery is fully charged, checked, and cleaned before it goes to storage.
  • It can be a good to put your batteries on a maintenance charge during long periods of disuse (in certain cases).

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